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When considering a web site, many businesses are lured by some providers with the promise of "cheap, fast and easy". It can be enticing when weighing the many factors involved such as budget and time. At Literati, we understand budget and time constraints, but we also have the experience to realize that a website, just like any other marketing or advertising medium, is an investment. A web site is vital to the success of your business. To minimize costs for changes and redesigns overtime, thorough planning and programming of a website are invaluable.

Literati incorporates a number of common features that into our sites, no matter what their focus:

  • Administrative areas - The client-managed administrative area allows you to update your site regularly with little technical knowledge.
  • Feedback forms - With feedback forms and questionnaires, you can keep in touch with the ideas and concerns of your web site visitors.
  • Databases - Databases allow you to display information in different ways and to easily add new products to your online catalog, update membership information, or add current or updated content to a news area or online calendar.

These features and others insure your site is responsive to changes in the web environment. This attention to detail and our commitment to your web site needs have made Literati successful in the field of Internet web design and programming.

The web team at Literati has experience in developing and programming sites on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows NT/2000/XP/Server platforms.

Literati uses commercial and open-source web applications and tools to deliver high quality web site solutions and present the best web sites for the Internet user. We have experience developing sites using both server side and client side web technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, Perl, ASP, VBScript and SQL.

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