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Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure. You need a SMART solution delivering proactive services to keep your network up and running effectively and efficiently.

Literati’s SMART Services provide Systems Management, Alerting & Resource Tracking to help your business network see increased performance, security, and reliability – immediately and at an affordable price.


SMART provides a constant watch of your network for issues related to security, viruses, spyware, and system and server availability. SMART generates alerts to handle issues before they become critical problems.

Proactive Support

The SMART solution transforms your network care from problem resolution to cooperative management. The alerts, reports and inventory allow Literati to be one step ahead of problems damaging your business operation.

Inventory and Documentation

SMART automatically collects up-to-date hardware, software and patch information for a complete network inventory that can be used for insurance claims in case of flood, fire or theft. The software portion of the inventory can help determine licensing compliance and inform you of rogue applications being used.

Remote Administration

Literati can minimize disruptions to your work environment by remotely resolving issues at any time. The remote administration capabilities eliminate wasted time and costly travel expenses by providing quick and effective problem resolution across the Internet.


SMART delivers regular reports providing information regarding the status of your network, computers and security. These reports help you and Literati with managing and planning the information technology implemented for your business.

Planning and Preparation

SMART provides Literati an in-depth knowledge of your network allowing us to send fully prepared technicians who can resolve issues quickly. The comprehensive inventory and documentation obtained will allow Literati to create plans to help your business prepare for the future and for disaster.

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Contact Literati for more information on our SMART services plan and how Literati can better make information technology work for you and your business.