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Once a network is fully implemented and integrated into the client’s business process, Literati is ready to expertly maintain that network technology so that the client is harnessing the full investment value and benefits for their business.

Literati has experience in managing and maintaining networks from as small as two computers, to large complex networks using multiple servers and workstations, peripheral equipment connecting to multiple locations.

One way to ensure your network environment is running smoothly is to implement a regular Network Maintenance Program with Literati. A Literati technician can visit your organization on a regular schedule (quarterly for example) to run through a detailed series of checks and updates to ensure your network is running at its optimum level. This also allows time for troubleshooting any existing problems and most importantly, helping to prevent future problems from occurring by taking a preventative approach.

When emergency situations occur, Literati technicians can be available to troubleshoot your network problem at a moments notice.

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