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Check out the new WVU Press Site

Literati recently completed work on the West Virginia University Press website. The WVU Press disseminates scholarly and creative materials through books, journals, and electronic media, within academia and to society at large. Additionally, the WVU Press is the primary publishing and distribution agency of scholarly and trade publications for West Virginia University.

The WVU Press website features a new online catalog where visitors can browse publications, read and write reviews of their favorite books, view forthcoming titles, and have the opportunity to easily purchase titles. Also available on the site are the mission and objectives of WVU Press. A news area allows visitors read information about public events organized by WVU Press as well as updates on new releases and printings of titles. If visitors would like to have the news delivered to them they can sign up to have the WVU Press catalog and/or newsletter sent to their home. Additionally, if they have a more specialized interest, such as Medieval Studies, they can subscribe to an email mailing list tailored to those subjects.

The refurbished West Virginia University Press site allows the public to have easy online access to a multitude of exciting products. For more information, please visit For more information about how Literati can help meet your site needs, call 304.296.8026 or email

posted on 12-01-2004
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