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Rock Climbing and Rappelling

The purpose of the climbing program is to introduce rock climbing and rappelling to the participants of Camp Mountaineer. The climbing and rappelling program will give participants the basic knowledge of equipment, techniques, equipment use, and safety concerns needed for a safe and effective climbing and rappelling experience. The program is not designed to give participants the skills or knowledge to go out and climb on their own (without an experienced climbing professional).

Rock climbing is one of the most rapidly growing outdoor sports. Many young people are now engaging in it with various degrees of knowledge and ability. The purpose of this program is to introduce rock climbing and rappelling to the participants of Camp Mountaineer.

* Rock climbing supports Scouting's basic objectives. It clearly promotes physical fitness, being one of the most strenuous outdoor activities. Rock climbing provides a worthy challenge. As their knowledge and skill increase, participants become more confident and develop more self reliance.

Good physical condition is a prerequisite for participating in rock climbing or rappelling. Scouts or leaders with serious medical problems must have approval from a physician licensed to practice medicine and have had a medical examination within one year. Staff must be informed (privately) of the physical or mental limitations of any participant.

The rock climbing and rappelling program will be conducted using the books Outdoor Skills Instruction: Rappelling/Climbing, Boy Scouts of America and the Climbing Merit Badge Book.

Climbing and Rappelling
Level 1

The LEVEL 1 climbing and rappelling program will provide general knowledge of the sport to the beginning climber and will permit an initial, supervised experience. The course is 13 + hours long and is conducted at Morgan and Washboard rocks (ranging in height from 3-15 meters), and at the 15 meter climbing tower located in a natural setting at Camp Mountaineer.

Scout Groups that participate in this program during the Camp Mountaineer Summer Camp program will meet the requirements for Climbing Merit Badge.


Climbing and Rappelling
Level 2

The LEVEL 2 climbing and rappelling program is designed to hone climbing skills by providing a wide range of climbing routes to program participants. The LEVEL 2 program allows participants to try different types of rappelling and ropework techniques. The LEVEL 2 course is 6 hours in length and is conducted on the climbing tower.

Other Climbing and Rappelling Programs

Other programs are available upon request. We can customize a program to the needs of the participants. These programs are conducted by trained and experienced Mountaineer Area Council, BSA, COPE Instructors, under the supervision of a National Camping School certified COPE Director.

Older Scouts and adult leaders are encouraged to take these courses during the regular Camp Mountaineer Summer Camp season.

For More Information . . .

Groups and/or individuals interested in any of the climbing and rappelling programs offered by Mountaineer Area Council are encouraged to call the Mountaineer Area Council Scout Office at (304) 366-3940 or e-mail Jeff Anderson at for more information.

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