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COPE is a very powerful program designed to meet seven major goals/objectives. This type of ropes course experience is unmatched by any other type of teamwork training. It works by using the concept of "Challenge by Choice," which has been used throughout the history of ropes courses.

There are three basic activities that any type of ropes course uses; they are: Initiative Games, Low Course Events, and High Course Events . In addition to the ropes course program, our course also provides a Rock Climbing and Rappelling Program.

The programs we offer are open to all groups. We have had a number of large non-scouting groups participate on our course. It is ideal for corporate team training programs, student orientations, and small business development.

One of the latest Merit Badges offered by the BSA. Check out the requirements!

Download a COPE brochure and many of the documents that need to be filled out before entering the course.

Meet the men and women that make up the staff at our course.

All COPE Courses are subject to National Standards for COPE Courses as set forth by the National Council, BSA.

Some links to other COPE and BSA related programs that you may find helpful.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support. Meet some of the "friends of COPE" that helped construct and maintain our current program.

Camp Mountaineer is located 8 miles south of Morgantown, West Virginia.

If you would like more information about the programs we offer, please fill out our form, or e-mail Jeff Anderson at

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