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History of COPE

Mountaineer Area Council COPE

The history of Mountaineer Area Council's COPE Program encompasses a great deal of individuals and companies throughout the northeastern part of the United States.

* 1993 - Mountaineer Area Council is seeking an activity to maintain and encourage older Scouts to remain in the Scouting program. The COPE program is discussed and the decision is made to send one individual (Jeff Anderson) to National Camping School to be certified as a COPE Director. A long range plan for construction of a COPE Course at Camp Mountaineer is developed. In July a basic rock climbing and rappelling program is established at Camp Mountaineer under the guidance of the COPE Committee.
* 1994 - Six elements for the Low-course are constructed in the spring, several grant proposals are developed and distributed. During the three weeks of Boy Scout Summer Camp over 30 participants take part in the Climbing and Rappelling program, and 28 participants take part in the Low-course portion of Project COPE.
* 1995 - Three additional elements are added to the Low-course for a total of nine. Again the low course and climbing programs are a large success. There are 26 Climbing and Rappelling participants and 32 COPE participants in three weeks. High-course and tower construction begins with the acquisition of 14 utility poles from Georgia, hardware and equipment purchases from Massachusetts and insight from over a dozen ropes course professionals, installers, and directors throughout the northeast. Grants and contributions begin to bring in funding for the project. Bobby Croft and David Laishley reiceive local COPE Instructors are certifions. Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity and the WVU Hockey Team are the first two outside (non-Scouting) groups to use the course.
* 1996 - High-course and tower construction continues and finalized in June, continued maintainance and construction of the course to be a continuous effort. Over 15,000 man hours involved in the project, 3000+ feet of cable, 1250 feet of rope, and a lot of hard work. Four additional adult leaders are sent to Camping School to be certified directors (Jay Jamison, Mark Mitchell, Brian Schuller, Andy Wilkins). Kevin Schuller receives a local COPE Instructors certification. Program is officially opened up to non-Scouting groups. Outside groups include: WVU College of Business and Economics, Lakeview Resort, and the FBI (Clarksburg Complex).
* 1997 - Two new programs are developed for the 1997 season. Most notable on the National Level is the creation of Climbing Merit Badge. On the local level, a new program known as ADAD or ADult ADventure is developed. This program was designed to give Adult Scouters the opportunity to learn about the COPE Program. The program includes over 15 hours of on course activities. The objective of the ADAD program is to present the Project COPE programing that is offered at the Camp Mountaineer COPE Course to the Adults within Mountaineer Area Council. This allows the Adult leaders of the Troop to talk with past, current, and future COPE Course participants about COPE activities. COPE Instructors Training is held in April and May for 16 new Instructors. John Carder, Camp Mountaineer Ranger, is sent to National Camping School to receive a Project COPE Director's Certification.

Adventure Education

The history of Adventure Education spans decades and encompasses a number of nations throughout the world. The following is a timetable taken from the National Camping School, COPE Section Guidebook.

* 1886 - Kurt Hahn born in Germany. An early illness that required his confinement in dark rooms led to the realizations that guided his life and work: "your disability is your opportunity"; and Plat's ideas of education: "thought and action need not be divided into hostile camps!"
* 1920 - Salem Schule founded by Hahn in Germany, on the principles of personal responsibility, kindness and justice.
* 1933 - Fundamental philosophical conflict with Hitler's Germany led Hahn to call his fellow Germans to resist Nazism and embrace a more just social order. The rising tide earned Hahn a prison term and then to exile in Great Britain.
* 1934 - Started Gordonstown School, whose motto was "plus est un vos" (you've got more in you than you think!)
* 1940 - Battle of the Atlantic - large casualties at sea.
* 1941 - Founded the Aberdovey school and initiated the "Outward Bound" program to train people for life using the challenges of the sea and mountains. The month-long course included small-boat training, physical fitness, cross-country navigation by map and compass, rescue training, a sea expedition, a land expedition across three mountain ranges, and service to the local people. "Training through the body, not of the body."
* 1950's - Outward Bound concept spread throughout the world: Germany, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, Malaysia and the United States.
* 1952 - Josh Miner, who had taught under Hahn at Aberdovey, came to Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and instituted "the break", a physical education regimen/program that stressed personal improvement over competition against others. A success in physical education and academics!
* 1961 - Outward Bound group recruited to begin school/training program for Peace Corps volunteers at Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
* 1960's - Growth of many Outward Bound Schools, affiliate programs and special ventures including: work with urban/disadvantaged youth mainstreaming (bringing the Outward Bound Model into other more common uses, such as secondary education).
* 1970 - Project Adventure began as a curricluar program in Hamilton-Wenham High School Massachusetts.
* 1982 - Boy Scouts of America develop COPE program by integrating Scoutings aims (citizenship, character development, fitness) into a ropes course setting.

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