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COPE High Course Activities

The high-course was designed to allow for maximum utilization of space and equipment and can operate 13 elements at one time. High-course elements can be adjusted and changed to meet the needs of any group or individual. The highlight of the High-course is a 330' zip line that runs through Morgan Rocks and ends 53' below where the participant started.

Cargo Net
A cargo net is attached to one of three Easy Ascension Devices on the course. The net itself measures 12 feet wide by 37 feet tall. This sizing allows for the cargo net to be placed onto the tower as well.
Burma Loops
The objective of this element is to step from loop to loop from one end to the other over a distance of 40 feet. This element is a Burma bridge without the foot line.
The Catwalk
Participants must step/slide from one end of the element to the other. One 12" diameter log is used as the high beam (balance beam). The element runs for 40 feet from pole to pole.
Two Cable Traverse
The objective it to step/slide across a distance of 40 feet using a foot cable and one hand cable approximetly four feet apart and parallel to each other.
Sailor's Walk
The objective is to cross a 40 foot distance using a one-piece 1" rope. As participants cross the distance, the rope will "give" a little from side to side creating a rocking motion.
Eagle's Walk
The objective is to step/slide from one end of the element to the other. A foot cable and two hand cables tied together by 1/2" multiline are used to cross the area which is a distance of 40 feet from pole to pole.
Sky Walk
Participants must step/slide from one end to the other using either vines or moving platforms. A single cable spans the distance between the two poles A second cable runs parallel 16 feet above the foot cable with cable drops located every two feet along the top cable for attachment of vines or sky walk platforms.

Twin Cables
The objective is to to cross over the twin cables by any means possible. The twin cables are Two cables approximately six inches apart running parallel to each other thirty feet off the ground. The spanning distance of the element is 40 feet.

Multivine Traverse
The Multivine is a single foot cable with multiple ("Multi") hand ropes("vine") which hang down from high above the participant. The objective is to cross the 40 foot span by using the "vines" to balance your way accross the foot cable.
Pamper/Confidence Pole
One of the most interesting elements you will find on a high course is the Pamper/Confidence Pole. The basic idea is for the participant to stand purched on a pole high in the air, then leap out 8 to 10 feet and grab a trapeze or rope hanging from above.
Rope Climb
One of the hardest ways to get up to the high course is by use of a rope climb. Everyone has seen one of these before. The idea is to climb up a 1" rope to the high course, about 30 feet up.
Caving Ladder
The Caving ladder is a very effective means of getting up to and down from the High Course. This ladder is approximately 6 inches wide and made out of cable and Aluminum rungs.
Rope Ladder
Another typical way of getting up and down from the High Course is by use of a rope ladder. This ladder is about 1 foot wide and is made of rope with wooden rungs.
Commando Crawl
The Commando Crawl is a very difficult element, it involves traversing 40 feet of 1" rope by any means possible.
* Giants ladder
The Giants Ladder can be used by two people at a time. The rungs on this ladder are made of large wood timbers. What makes this element so difficult is that the rungs range from 3 feet to almost 6 feet apart.
* Heebie Geebie/Pirates Crossing
This element is a traverse of 40 feet. It is two ropes, one for the feet and one for the hands, these ropes cross vertically in the middle and are attached together by a 8 foot tether line.
Vertical Playpen
The Vertical Playpen is another ascension device for the High Course. It consists of tires, wooden rungs, rope ladders, and rope climbs for the participant to weave their way up to the course.

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