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COPE Activities

A COPE course consists of a number of elements, that is, events which the group encounters. Each event is designed to challenge the group in a different way, but all are designed to improve one or more of the Project COPE goals. An example of one event would be The "Wall," a 12.5' wall that the entire group of eight to twelve must get over (There are some restrictions, limited only to the imagination of the Instructor and the safety precautions of the individual event).

There are two classifications of elements, low-course and high-course. Low-course elements are those elements that range in height from ground level to 12.5' in the air. These elements typically do not require the use of a safety line of any type but do however require the assistance of the group to "spot" the individual(s) on the element.

High-course elements range in height from ground level to 6'+ (typically around 25-30') in the air. These elements require the use of not only "spotting" but safety (belay) lines as well.

It is important to note that there are a number of courses throughout the world, all of which are unique and different to the area which they are in. Course designs, construction, operations, etc. may vary greatly from course to course. To learn more about Camp Mountaineer's low-course, high-course, and climbing and rappelling program visit the areas below:

Low Course
The low-course is located below a set of rocks known as Morgan Rocks. At this time nine elements are in use for the 1996 season. An additional seven elements (for a total of 16) should be completed by the 1997 season.

Photo by: Bob Beverly, WVU Photograhper

High Course
The high-course was designed to allow for maximum utilization of space and equipment and can operate 13 elements at one time. High-course elements can be adjusted and changed to meet the needs of any group or individual. The highlight of the High-course is a 330' zip line that runs through Morgan Rocks and ends 53' below where the participant started.

Rappelling and Climbing
A major part of the COPE and rappelling / climbing programs is the three sided climbing tower 15 meters high. It has a climbing wall with hand/foot holds made from rock so they feel just like the face of a real climb. These holds can be configured in over 300 locations on the wall itself, this helps customize the wall to the group. The tower is also lighted to provide late evening and night use if necessary. This allows the course to remain open longer and not have to shut down when mother nature doesn't cooperate.

Check out some more pictures of the COPE area.

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