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Our History

Literati began in 1992 from the development of an educational software project created by Hank Burton, Literati’s president. Software development, specifically for the technology education market, was the initial focus of the company. These two core objectives, education and software development, led to the establishment of the company’s original name: Literati Software. The word combination formed the perfect match for the new company because "literati" is Latin for “the scholarly or educated person.”

Literati continued to focus on educational software for the next five years, but began to expand its computing and information technology (IT) services to include systems and network consulting, web site and intranet design and programming and web site hosting.

At the end of 1997, Literati Software took on partners and changed its name to Literati Information Technology, LLC. Changing the name and structure of Literati was, in some ways, a rebirth of the company. The changes were more representative of the diverse set of IT services provided by Literati and indicated Literati’s commitment to the future.

In January of 1999, Literati moved from it’s small office on High Street, to Suite 101 of it’s current address. By October of 2000, Literati had out grown this space and took occupancy of a second suite to outfit a growing web design department.

Through hard work and dedication Literati continued to grow and Hank Burton was awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2001 at the Greater Morgantown Chamber of Commerce Dinner. By 2004, Literati’s staff had grown to 15 and it had outgrown both office suites. During this time, Literati began to focus on its future in the fast growing Morgantown community and its place among increasing competition. The Literati logo and overall branding was redesigned and implemented to reflect a more contemporary and current image. A new tag line of “Making IT work for you” was established to reflect and communicate our current goals to our clientele and associates. Literati honed its service areas into three key components, Network, Web and eSecurity. These three components reflect the ongoing needs of Network and Web support in today’s business environment, but it also reflects the most recent concerns of information security, viruses and spyware.

In December of 2004, Literati moved its entire operation to the second floor, suite 206 of its current building on Fairmont Road. This 3,300 square foot space provides additional room for staff, equipment, servers, a full conference room for large meetings and room to grow. The staff at Literati is happy to be in their new space and looks forward to the new opportunities it will bring. Thank you to the greater Morgantown community for supporting this small-business success story and watch Literati for continued progress allowing them to “make IT work” for everyone!

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